Street Photography by Marcel S. Pawlowski
Marcel S. Pawlowski - Street Photographer

Marcel S. Pawlowski - Street Photographer
Photo by Julia T. Scho

About Marcel S. Pawlowski

I am an astronomer exploring the Universe from Cleveland (Ohio). Before moving here in Summer 2013 I lived in Bonn (Germany), and my next postdoc will take me to southern California in fall 2016. On this website I share some of my street photography. My job allows me to travel quite a bit, which sometimes is beneficial for my photography (but time to edit pictures is sparse; there is simply too much other interesting stuff going on in the cosmos).

You can have a look at my website if you would like to learn more about me, my science or see my portfolio of black and white photography. I sporadically post on my science blog, and you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, too.

Why “Eight Minutes Old”?

The Sun is about 150 million km away. Light travels at a speed of 300,000 km/s. It therefore takes about 500 seconds or 8.3 minutes to reach us on earth. I take my pictures with natural light, so the sunlight reflected off my motives is already eight minutes old.

What happened to the old blog?

I didn’t find the time to blog during the final phase of my PhD studies, so I stopped to blog regularly I might make an archive of the old blog posts available again at some point.